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For those who have purchased a copy of Fall Prevention Programming (2nd edition), go to the Appendix for instructions on accessing the additional resources, including the Scott Fall Risk Assessment tool and training, the Fall Report Form and training, and the CFPC Implementation Worksheet.

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Citation:  Scott, V. (2017). Fall Prevention Programming:  Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Fall Prevention Programs for Older Adults.  Raleigh, North Carolina:  Lulu Publishing.

Vicky Scott, RN, PhD


Revised in 2017 with the latest evidence and fresh approaches, this book presents a unique approach to fall prevention for health care professionals and community support providers who work with older persons in community, residential and acute care settings. The content is designed to build on the previous training and experience of those who provide health services or community programs to older adults.  This book is the official text for the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum workshop and e-learning courses on how to design, implement and evaluate a fall prevention program.


Required textbook for the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum (CFPC): Fall Prevention Programming (2nd edition) by Vicky Scott, RN, PhD. 


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Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la nouvelle version française de:
Scott V., (2017). Programme de prévention des chutes : Conception, mise en œuvre et évaluation des programmes de prévention des chutes chez les personnes âgées (traduit de l’anglais par Anne Carruzzo)Raleigh, Caroline du Nord : Lulu Publishing. 
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