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Do you work with older adults in long term care, acute care, home care or in the community?


For seniors, the risk of falling and sustaining an injury is influenced by a broad set of health determinants, including physical, behavioural, environmental, social and economic factors. These wide-ranging contributors to falls can only be ameliorated by the coordinated and sustained approach of a multisectoral team of health professionals and community leaders who are well informed in evidence-based practices for prevention.


The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum© (CFPC) is designed to build on existing knowledge and skills of health professionals and community leaders working in the area of fall and injury prevention among older adults (those 65 and over).  Sessions are offered in two formats, both in English and French:


  • Workshop– offered over two days, in locations across Canada. 
  • E-Learning- this recently updated (July 2017), award-winning online curriculum is facilitated and offered over 5 weeks.


For more information on the two day workshops please visit the CFPC Workshop page.


For more information on E-Learning please visit the  CFPC E-Learning page.