CFPC Workshop


For older adults, the risk of falling and sustaining an injury is influenced by a broad set of health determinants including physical, behavioural, environmental, social and economic factors.  These wide-ranging contributors to falls can only be ameliorated by the coordinated and sustained approach of a multisectoral team of health professionals and community leaders who are well informed in evidence-based practices for prevention.


The Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum© (CFPC) provides those working with older adults the knowledge and skills needed to apply a public health approach to the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries.  Participants learn how to designimplement and evaluate a fall prevention program tailored to their work or community setting.


The CFPC Workshop is a two-day, facilitated course.  Participants work through five lessons, incorporating interactive learning, group discussion, and completion of a Program Implementation Worksheet.  All participants receive a certificate of completion from the Canadian Fall Prevention Education Collaborative (CFPEC) after completing the workshop.

To learn more about the CFPC in your Province, please see contact information for Provincial Leads on the contact page.


CFPC Facilitator Training Workshops:

Have you completed the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum (CFPC) or the Canadian Injury Prevention Curriculum (CIPC)?  Would you like to become a trained facilitator for either or both of these curricula?   Participants will gain an understanding of adult learning principles, presentation skills, training strategies and coaching skills, and will become certified facilitators for the CFPC and CIPC.  Please contact the National Coordinator for further information: or